5M Powerful Planning Tools

5M offers both real time and end-of-day reporting tools designed not only to monitor
performance of a transit agency’s operations—but also for planning and fine tuning operations
on a continuing basis to improve the quality of an organization’s service and resource management.

The ability for Paratransit Service Providers to continuously and accurately measure their key performance metrics against contractual obligations and constraints is of paramount importance. It is not enough to measure these indices once a month, or even once a week. These indices must be monitored and measured near real-time basis.

The requirement to measure these metrics doesn’t end after being awarded a contract—they must be continuously monitored and met in order for operators to continue providing services, and tracked as the provider seeks new contract opportunities. Providers who are successfully able to track and target areas for improvement are better able to determine their own levels of productivity to determine and propose sustainable hourly or per trip mile pricing when submitting responses to future RFPs.

The need to continuously monitor these metrics further intensifies during daily operations, to better enable operators to ensure timely reactions and appropriate remedies for ever changing service parameters and business requirements.

Operators must continuously monitor their business productivity metrics in effort to keep their business operations in good financial health. Effective reporting is an invaluable method of monitoring:

  • Capital Costs
  • Reducing or eliminating an excessive number vehicles
  • Enabling fleet purchasers to better understand vehicle needs, to mitigate the purchase of excessively large vehicles
  • Enabling dispatchers to identify the inadequate usage of contracted taxis and sedans
  • Operational Costs
  • RDeadhead Mileage
  • Vehicle and Driver Idle Hours
  • Inadequate Usage of Contracted Taxis and Sedans Drivers
  • Excess Number of Vehicles, resulting excessive vehicle Insurance expenses

Effectively and accurately reporting also allows the operator to more closely monitor quality of service metrics, and react before potential any violations of quality of service parameters result in penalties, or worse—the loss of contracts.

5M includes a built-in sophisticated and extensive module dedicated to real-time tracking and monitoring of both productivity as well as quality of service metrics. 5M’s continuous monitoring of these metrics helps operators and transit agencies modify and fine tune their parameters and operational methodologies to achieve the most desirable results.